Web Design

Web Design

Websites have transformed from a spoke in the wheel of marketing to the hub itself.

Strut NYC is an innovative, award-winning agency that excels in interactive strategy and design. We’ve worked with brands ranging from Staples, Ning,com, Kraft Foods and L’ Oreal USA to international law firms, magazines, and start-ups. In 2007 we even launched our own crtitically acclaimed social network for over 6,600 creatives called BrooklynArtProject.com.

Every web project employs a process based in best practices and focused on client goals. We begin with strategy development then proceed to create site maps, wire-frames, personas, user flows and page designs that deliver powerful experiences and a measureable ROI. We’ve honed this approach into a process that defines the project strategy we call the 8Ms, which include the following:

1. Mission – What are the user goals for the site? What are the business goals?

2. Model – What is the mix of content and functionality required to reach your goals?

3. Market – Who are the primary site visitors? Who are the competitors? What are the online habits of your target audience?

4. Marketing – How will you drive targeted traffic to the site to help reach your marketing goals?

5. Mechanics – What technology is needed to maximize the quality of site experience?

6. Monetization – How will the site assist in reaching revenue goals, or shortening the sales cycle?

7. Management – How will senior management be involved to ensure enterprise-wide success?

8. Milestones – What benchmarks will be put in place to measure success?

Over the years we’ve been asked to speak at industry conferences, written ground-breaking marketing white papers, and become known for consistently applying innovative technologies before they become mainstream to give our clients a distinct competitive advantage. This includes opinion leadership studies with Kraft Foods, Unilever and Coke to studies measuring the brand loyalty of website visitors for consumer packaged goods like Gevalia and VeriSign.

As websites transform further through mobile and social channels, we’ll continue to help clients create experiences that remain focused on serving customer and prospect needs to deepen loyalty and drive market share.