Social Media

Social Media

“Companies with the most involvement in social media increased revenues 18% in the last 12 months. Those with the least decreased 6% during that same time.”

- The Altimeter Group

With more than 300 millions users on Facebook, 133 million blogs, 50 million LinkedIn users and 18 million on Twitter, social media has become a mandatory tool for every brand that wishes to remain competitive.

For the first time in history, media has shifted from a one to many channel, to a many to many channel. This means customers and other stakeholders now have a global platform to share opinions, get recommendations and band together to help each other through direct discussions on every topic imaginable – including your brand. We provide social media strategies that get our clients into the conversation.

91% of consumers say consumer feedback is the #1 aid to buying decisions and they are 3x more likely to trust peer opinions over advertising for purchasing decisions. Through using best practices strategies we help clients engage their customers directly, deepen brand loyalty and most importantly – use social media to build long term relationships.

Social media is an area where Strut NYC is uniquely qualified to help our clients gain a strategic edge. In 2007 we launched our own social network called BrooklynArtProject.com which has grown to 6,600+ members from 150 countries, hosted collaborative exhibitions with the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Burning Man, received coverage in the New York Times, Forbes, and TechCrunch and named a Top 10 site by HOW Magazine.

Every day our team uses leading social media tools to drive growth and actively study what strategies work best and apply these learnings to all of our client projects – giving them a distinct competitive advantage.

We’ve also developed successful blogs, social networks, and social media marketing strategies for our clients across industries to give them a competitive advantage in this rapidly evolving space.

We’re proud that industry leaders like Ning.com and Smashing Magazine have recognized us for innovation and best practices leadership in social media design and strategy.

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