We build brands from the inside out.

A brand is a corporate personality. Simple as that. Great brands internalize this and develop personas that resonate with their audience.

Brands add value, prestige and differentiation. Creating a strong brand however isn’t as easy as imagining what kind of a car it would be or what its favorite color is.

Creating a strong brand, especially in today’s social media environment, requires a comprehensive approach to identifying what’s most important to customers and delivering across channels.

This is exactly the approach Strut NYC has taken to successfully launch new brands and reinvigorate others. Through research, strategy, effective implementation and consistent reinforcement we help clients develop brands that boost the bottom line, grow market share and deepen loyalty.

We’re passionate about helping brands connect with their audience and make the leap from good to great.

For a complimentary discovery session call Anthony or James at 718.596.8200 or email us to discover how your branding needs can strut.