“Strut provided great design and insightful strategy that helped us grow our brand
online and off.”

- Judi Main, Director of Communications, MMBB

For nearly a decade, Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board, or MMBB, has incorporated an increasingly sophisticated set of communication tools to match the financial products and planning they provide for their member base.


Our overarching challenge for every assignment is to shift MMBB’s members from apprehension about, and misunderstanding of, their retirement planning choices into an educated and empowered population. Our branding campaign gave a friendly face to their often complex choices. Through the years, our work has grown to encompass:

• website and financial modeling tools
• sales and promotional tools
• print and web advertising
• business stationary
• annual reports


Website traffic more than tripled, and substantially more members began using the web to manage their finances, thereby reducing MMBB’s marketing and administration costs.

The lead generation process was reformulated via the website to effectively gather prospect information and deliver sales leads to the business development team.

A series of sales and promotional pieces strengthened brand awareness and was embraced by members.

Interactive, easy-to-use tools assisted members in expediting key financial decisions with confidence.

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